Length: 120 minutes
Intensity: high-impact
Fitness Level: intermediate
Short Description: Capoeira is one of the many cultural manifestations born in Brasil in the face of European Colonization. It is a martial art practiced by the African Slaves as a means to protect themselves from their oppressors over 400 years ago. Capoeira is a vigorous art form with roots in the ceremonial dances of the Bantu and Native Indian people of Brazil. Its elements of ritualized combat weave together an intricate physical dialogue of movements combined with aspects of dance, acrobatics, music and self defense. Capoeira transcends the barriers of age, gender and ethnic background and creates a strong sense of community. It develops discipline, self confidence, and helps open ones mind to another culture giving a deeper world wide perspective. This is an ENROLLEMENT ONLY class. Please contact for more information.


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