1. How much is a membership?

We have a number of different options based on your commitment level. We encourage you to come in and see first hand what we have to offer as a facility and classes in order to determine the plan that works best for you. Here is a complete list of service options that we currently offer.

2. I’ve never worked out before. What do I do?

If you’ve never been in the gym before or its been a while…Don’t worry! That’s what we are here for. Every membership comes with a complementary no pressure one on one functional movement assessment where we will see where you’re at and point you in the right direction. You may also want to consider a start up personal training package to give you some additional motivation, accountability and education. Classes are also a great way to get started as well because all you need to do is show up and the instructor will take care of the rest.

3. What services do I get with a membership?

Gym only gives you unlimited access to 12,000 square feet of weights, cardio & circuit equipment. When Classes are not in session feel free to use any of our many group fitness areas to stretch, do a bag workout or your own routine. For just an additional $10 an month get access to an incredible 150 Classes per month, including Yoga, Spin, Indoor & Outdoor Bootcamp, Dance Fit, Muay Thai Techique and a whole range of Group Exercise Classes with some of the top instructors in Victoria. You also get a complementary one on one session with one of our great Personal Trainers to get you started and a follow up session every 6-8 weeks after that so we can ensure that you are achieving your goals. We have also partnered with a number of other local business so check with the front desk to see where you can save around town with your Studio 4 Key-tag.

4. How do I get a Personal Trainer?

Need a trainer Contact any of our amazing trainers here or book a complementary functional movement assessment and we’ll help you get started.

5. What should I wear/bring?

If it’s your first time in the gym or it has been a while, not to worry! Just bring some comfortable athletic clothing and shoes, a water bottle (we have clean filtered water) and a positive attitude. We’ll give you a sweat towel, trust us you’ll need it.

6. Can I bring a guest?

Workouts are always better with a friend so a Studio 4 membership allows you to bring 2 new unregistered guests per month. Work out with a buddy or try any one of our amazing classes.

7. Why is there an enrolment fee? Why do I pay first and last month?

Becoming a member gives you over 40% off to access the club and Classes on a pre-authorized monthly payment. Unfortunately there are some bank fees associated with automatic payments and the one time enrolment fee goes towards covering some of these costs. We will never lock you in to a long term contract so all that we ask for is your first and last months payment, at the time of sign up, simply as a deposit for any missed payments. The last month’s payment is always applied to your membership should you ever decide to cancel.

8. Discounted memberships

We have discounted memberships for Students, Seniors, Military and Corporate (Group) sign ups. Please refer to our rate sheet for pricing.

9. Is there parking?

There is unlimited free one hour parking at any of the City of Victoria parkades. Please see the front desk for a coupon upon arrival.

10. Are there time limits or sign up lists for equipment?

Studio 4 is a private, members only facility. As such, there are no time limits on equipment and no sign-ups required to use the equipment. We have 12,000 square feet of training space and equipment and are able to run multiple Classes simultaneously to ensure that there is always good flow in our facility.

11. Am I locked in to a contract?

Many facilities and clubs will try to lock you into a long term one or two year contract, at Studio 4, our lifestyle agreements are no commitment memberships. You can cancel or freeze at ANY time for WHATEVER reason and all we ask is 30 days notice from your next withdraw date to give us time to process the paperwork and that is it.