Tasher Adaarewa

I have worked in a variety of sport settings as a coach. This has given me a perspective of the rehabilitative and strength demands of athletes. Having trained people with spinal cord, back, shoulder hip and knee injuries has helped to broaden my perspective of the way the body may break down and most importantly what it takes to restore it to a high level of function.

I use a movement approach, addressing movement patterns and using the neurodevelopmental sequence as a guide for exercise prescription. My training process include eliciting the collaborative efforts of trusted massage therapists, physiotherapists and chiropractic doctors when necessary, to ensure that the client gets the multidisciplinary care needed to restore them to function, play and/or competition.

Education is a big part of the training process. As such, I will take the time to explain exercise choices and recommendations to clients.

Jose Amador

Those who say they don’t have time to Workout, have their Health on the bottom of their list of priority’s. Making excuses because it’s easier than risking Failure. There’s no quick fix when it comes Fat loss or gaining Muscle. The Hard Truth to why People are still not fit/lean/healthy/strong, whatever moniker you want to use, is a matter of willingness and patience. More importantly, Discipline.

Not only Getting to the desired goal , but setting new horizons to maintain a sense of interest along the way. If you find yourself in a state of listlessness with no clear direction of where you’re going, do not despair.

Contact me, together we can set a goal like putting 50 lbs on your squat or setting a Personal Best to your deadlift.  Give yourself a realistic timeframe, and commit to it.  Picking out a sport to compete in and entering a competition is a great way to discipline yourself and remain accountable too.  If competition doesn’t seem worthwhile because you don’t want to embarrass yourself, remember first and foremost your best competition is you!

Alicia Derousie

I am a canfitpro certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. I found my passion for fitness through my own personal experience in achieving a healthier mind, body, and life style. With a positive attitude and up beat energy I am committed to connecting, motivating, and supporting my clients to fulfil there fitness goals.

Most of all I believe fitness should be fun !!

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!

Steven Inglefield

Steven has been in the fitness industry in various capacities since 2006. Originally from England UK, Steven moved to Canada in February 2012, and specifically Victoria in March 2014. After gaining personal training qualifications in the fitness industry, he gained a Bachelor of Science (hons) degree in Sports Physiotherapy.

He has worked in professional Soccer and Cricket with elite athletes, as well as started his own clinic for clients varying from inactive and sedentary to highly active and elite. Steven has worked with all ages, backgrounds and body types as well as working in both professional sports and private training settings. He continually increases his knowledge and skills through continual professional development and research. Steven uses his background in physiotherapy to complement and improve the effectiveness of his training style and thus far, the combination of both of these professions has been a very successful one. Steven’s greatest passion is to help clients reach their targets, by not only motivating and guiding but also through educating!

Dean Kerpan

Dean is a BCRPA certified Personal trainer & Bootcamp instructor who’s love of fitness and sport has inspired him to motivate and coach others in achieving their own fitness success stories! This is his passion, this is what he does, and he knows you will see a difference training with him! He has been involved in sports & fitness as far back as he can remember… he was never a natural athlete though, and had to work really hard at it! That experience and hard work has benefited him in many other ways other than just making him a better athlete… It developed his character and the person he is today!

Justin Manz

Justin grew up with sports and fitness being a huge part of his life. Most recently here in Victoria playing and coaching for the University of Victoria Vikes Men’s soccer team, where he won a National Championship.

After two horrific leg injuries while playing football, Justin decided to focus his knowledge and passion for fitness towards others and become a fitness professional. He believes all people are different, and finds a way to bring out the best in of all his clients. His vision is to help people become the best version of themselves.

Kiana McClure

Kiana has been involved in a variety of sports including soccer, figure skating, gymnastics and volleyball from a very young age. She most recently competed in her first, and definitely not last, bikini and figure fitness competition. Her ability to adapt her training style to each individual makes each experience unique and personalized. Her goal is to help people integrate regular exercise and fitness as part of their lifestyles. She believes being healthy and fit will give you less stress, more happiness, extra confidence and improved energy to help give you a long, fulfilling life.

Kevin Ogborne

Kevin started in the fitness industry the beginning of 2008 and instantly fell in love with the gym atmosphere. He takes pride in seeing his clients getting results whether it be new personal records on Olympic Lifts or shedding unwanted pounds. Kevin is a strong believer that fitness should be fun so not only will you be dripping sweat but you’ll get a laugh or two in too! He believes in preaching a healthy lifestyle that results in a stress free, healthier and happier you. Kevin grew up always involved in sports. He played baseball at a young age. He was a part of Victoria’s First Pewee team to win Provincials back in 2002 and moved onto coaching in 2007. He started Olympic Freestyle Wrestling in his teens and won Island medals in 2 different weight classes. From there, Kevin transitioned to boxing under the tutelage of Adam Zugec and Sarah Kaufman and have never looked back as he continue to build his Amateur boxing experience.

Andrea Podracky

Andrea began training with AxE Capoeira in 1999 when it was first introduced to the city of Victoria, BC. From the moment she saw her first class, she knew Capoeira would be something she would explore deeply. Over fifteen years later, she remains humbled and inspired by this extraordinary art form. Over the years Andrea has had the opportunity to share her love of Capoeira with her students and participate in workshops, festivals and Events around the world. She feels fortunate to share the group’s philosophy of Capoeira as a strong tool for personal development. Andrea remains committed to furthering her skills and developing more fully in her art. She strongly believes in the power of community building through capoeira and aspires to construct cultural bridges between kids in Canada and those in Brazil through her Kids helping kids charity foundation. She has been extremely successful with the development of the Kids Capoeira Program at the Downtown Academy. The winner of the 2010 European Open Capoeira tournament, where she competed against Men and Women, Andrea has overcome incredible adversity in recovering from a complete hip replacement inspiring people around the world as the highest ranked female representative in our group worldwide.

She is also been working as a successful personal trainer in the city for the past 10 years as a, BCRPA certified trainer, Medical Exercise Therapist, and Crossfit Coach Level 1.

Brad Prettie

He has lived in Victoria and the surrounding area his entire life, and it’s here that his obsession with sports and leading an active lifestyle started. Throughout his childhood and teenage years, he was active in many sports both through school and the community. He participated in basketball, volleyball, baseball, and track & field. He competed in the 1994 & 1995 BC Summer Games; was selected to many all-star & tournament baseball teams; and won a BC Championship in volleyball. To say that sports defined him at an early age would be an understatement.After high school, He let his passion for sports fade and led a sedentary lifestyle, one that contributed to unwanted weight gain. After many years of maintaining this unhealthy lifestyle, he was faced with the decision of continuing on a destructive path or choosing to change his lifestyle, and essentially, his life.

Brooke Sullivan

I am a certified personal trainer and Precision Nutrition coach with a passion for health & fitness and helping people transform not just their bodies but their mindset. I have a training and nutrition business, http://www.simplyb.ca/ and work with people remotely (online) or in person (at home or a gym)

As for my background, I grew up playing competitive hockey for 17 years, playing for the U18 Ontario team and finishing my career playing at the University of Guelph. I then went on to compete in figure, fitness model and bikini competitions. After a few years of competing I decided to get off the stage and get involved with Crossfit, where I became pretty dedicated and trained to compete.

If you have personal or health/fitness goals and not sure how to tackle them, set out a plan to achieve them or think you have too much on your plate to accomplish them lets connect and break down those barriers, set a plan and find a way to get you to exactly where you want to be and how you want to feel.

Travis Taylor

Travis is an ISSA certified personal trainer who has been down to 5% body fat and weighed as much as 277lbs.

He knows how hard it can be to see that long road ahead and still keep putting one foot forward before the next to get there.

For most of his life he was an athlete until his father died and went on a self destructive path eating bad food, drinking and staying away from the gym.

After a trip to whistler he realized he wasn’t himself anymore and decided to look into personal training and became his own first client.

After a lot of hard work and refining his certifications to include sports nutrition he finally achieved his goals of being fit, strong, healthy and able to motivate others.

He believes in the holistic approach to health: you have to keep a balance between your heart body and mind. If your heart wants a piece of cheesecake or a beer once in a while you can’t always deny it for the sake of your body but if it wants those things every day you can’t forsake your body for the needs of your heart.

For the last 10 years he has worked with children, teens, adults, seniors, weekend warriors, Olympic athletes, and people who have never set foot in a gym to help them achieve their goals and is excited to work with you!

Joel Traplin

In 2010, with over 20 years experience in personal fitness and 8 years of martial arts training, Joel began to professionally train and coach others to achieve a higher level of fitness and well-being. Joel’s passion for fitness has led him to work with people of all fitness levels in a fun, yet effective manner. He is focused in empowering clients to achieve a better quality of life by providing them with knowledge about fitness and nutrition, guiding them through training, and progressing exercises as their goals and challenges change. By incorporating one of Joel’s customized fitness plans, you will see that an active and healthy lifestyle is not only beneficial, but enjoyable as well. Join Joel for a fun, holistic approach to fitness.